I am currently not accepting new clients. All sessions for established clients will be in the remote format.              Thanks for your understanding. 

Initial Energy Medicine Session

Is this the first time you will have an energy medicine session with me? If so, this is the session to select.

Initial sessions are 90-120 minutes and cost $150.00

What's a session like? First, we spend some time talking about your health and your expectations of the session. I'll explain what Eden Energy Medicine is and what an energy session is like. During the session you are fully clothed and may be sitting, standing, or lying down on a massage table while we are working together.


Energy sessions involve working on and off the body, so I will be touching you at times and working in the energy fields that surround you. After the session we'll talk about your experience and I will answer any questions you have. After most sessions I will also suggest simple techniques to do at home to help integrate the work we did in the session. 

Regular Energy Medicine Session

Already had an energy medicine session with me?

Then this is the session to select!

Regular Sessions are 60-90 minutes. Cost for this session is $130.00

Holistic Health Consultation

Interested in a comprehensive holistic approach to your health and wellness? This session focuses on the integrative side of healthcare- exploring nutrition, essential oils, homeopathy, tapping therapies (EFT), acupressure, energy therapies, healthy lifestyle, spirituality, and more. Bring your questions and ideas and we'll design an individualized plan that supports the conventional healthcare you are already receiving. 

This session is 60-90 minutes and costs $130.00.

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